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8 Tips for Living with HIV and AIDS

When you are living with HIV and AIDS, it is more significant that you protect your immune system so that you maintain your general health. If you keep your body healthy, it will be much better prepared to fight off all viruses and any infection. The people living with HIV need to include healthy habits into their lifestyles. Below are 8 tips that you can follow for healthy living.

1. Practice safe sex

It is important that you practice safe sex. You should also know how the virus is transmitted so that you minimize the danger of infecting other people. Consider using condoms to control the spread of the virus. Condoms will also protect you and your spouse against other STDs (sexually transmitted diseases) and any other type of infection.

2. Ensure that you are tested for other STDsHIV & Aids 01

In case you have another STD or STI (sexually transmitted infection), you will be more likely to transmit both HIV & the other STI to your partner. Also, STIs can worsen HIV and makes the diseases progress rapidly. Besides, HIV will make STIs hard to treat. Therefore, it is important that you address an STI early. Many STDs do not cause any symptom, so without testing, you may not be able to know that you have one.

3. Prevent infections & illnesses

Since HIV will make your immune system less efficient, you will be more vulnerable to every bacterium, germ and virus you are exposed to. Ensure that you wash your hands often. It is also important that you stay away from the sick people so that you stay healthy. Also, stay up-to-day on your vaccinations to minimize the danger of preventable diseases.

HIV & Aids 034. Follow your doctor`s instructions about your prescriptions

Take the HIV medication precisely as prescribed by the doctor. Do not skip even one day of medication because that will give the virus a chance to become resistant to the drugs.

5. Don’t abuse alcohol or drugs

Drug and alcohol overuse can lead to depression feelings. Therefore, you need to avoid alcohol and take your drugs according to your doctor`s instructions.

6. Quit smoking

Avoiding cigarettes is good for anyone. Therefore, stop the use of tobacco and you will feel better and live healthier. Also, it will help you to prevent many health problems & reduce the risk of events like stroke and heart attack.

7. Manage emotional and physical health problemsHIV & Aids 02

Both depression and stress can worsen the pain associated with HIV and AIDS. Keeping depression, stress, and pain under control will help to improve your emotional and physical health.

8. Exercise mind and body

Mental and physical exercise will keep your body and mind strong. Regular physical activities, like walking, running, biking and swimming among others will keep you physically fit. Besides, it will keep both depression and stress in check.

The above are the eight tips that you need to follow if you are living with HIV and AIDS.