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Beginner’s Guide to Kid’s Health at Home

When you have a young kid, whether you are a parent or a caregiver, the responsibility of providing an environment that promotes a healthy lifestyle is all yours. In matters nutrition and fitness, any parent is required to play the same role, no matter the size of their child. In this beginner’s guide to kid’s health, we are going to highlight some strategies that a parent or caregiver can employ, so that to ensure that their kids maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Play Together

kids playingOne way that you can ensure that your kids are healthy is by ensuring that they remain active as much as possible. The only way that you can ensure this, is by playing together when you have a chance to do so. Experts argue that for a kid to be healthy, they need at least 60 minutes of physical activity. That is why parents are encouraged to play with their kids every day as it is a way of remaining healthy and having fun for both parties.

You can visit your local community centers and engage in the kid-friendly activities, or you can plan for family activities where everyone can get involved. Such activities can include hiking, after dinner walks, biking or even playing soccer or basketball.

Have Meals Together

Family meal times should usually be special meeting and bonding moments between parents and children. Research has it that those families that have meals together are more healthy than those that do not maintain such a practice. When parents and their kids have meals together, it is very easy for parents to monitor the eating habits of their kids hence can easily realize when something is not right with them.

Increase Vegetable and Fruit Consumption

Nutrition experts recommend that for a kid to be healthy, they need to take a glass and half glass of fruit juice and a glass of vegetable juice daily. Thus to ensure that your kid remains healthy, give them a variety of fruits and vegetable products on a daily basis.

Ensure They Eat Breakfast

breakfast For a kid to be healthy, a parent should go beyond feeding their kids with milk and cereal alone. They should try out things like scrambled eggs or even cheese.

It is also good if you teach your kids on how to use some kitchen appliances like blenders as this can encourage them to make their own breakfast smoothies.

Encourage Mindful Eating

It is not always that you will be with your kids when they are taking their meals. This is why you are supposed to encourage mindful eating very much. Ensure that the kids focus on the food that they are eating. You can achieve this by switching off any screens around.

Some other measure to ensure that your kid is healthy is to reduce or avoid consumption of sugar-sweetened beverages and removing TV or gaming apparatus from sleeping rooms, so they get to sleep enough when they get in there.