Tips for turning shatter into e-liquids on e-cigarettes

The practice of smoking is age old. The profits of tobacco industries across continents are ever blooming. These profits make it quite evident that the habit of smoking is highly addictive across ages of the population. Due to the increased risks of smoking, people were looking for a safe way to feed their addiction and at the same time prevent various health hazards that come bundled with smoking.

One such way of feeding the addiction of smoking is through e-cigarettes. E-cigarettes have come into existence around 2003. The e-cigarette is an electronic device that fits in hand and vaporizes the liquid present inside it. The liquid inside the e-cigarette that gets vaporized is called e-liquid.

Tips for turning shatter into e-liquids on e-cigarettes

Tip 1

The first way to turn shatter into e liquid on e-cigarettes requires Propylene Glycol in 2:5ml, concentrate (Marijuana) and clean water. We will also need the equipment to shatter which is shot glass, sauce pan, and thermometer. Below asdsadasdaare the steps to produce e-liquid:

a) Add concentrate to shot glass
b) Add 2.5ml of Propylene Glycol for each gram of concentrate in the shot glass(ensure the quantities are measured accurately)

c) Place the shot glass in the saucepan and fill the saucepan with water to a level of the liquid in the shot glass

d) Heat the contents till 85F and then start stirring until concentrate dissolves in the liquid

e) The final mixture can be used as an e-liquid in e-cigarettes

Tip 2

This method involves preparation of e-liquid using Farm to Vape Kit. Let’s move on with the process of preparing e-liquid:

a) Boil a cup of water

b) Add wax to the dropper bottle along with the thinner that comes in the kit

c) Close the bottle and place it in the hot water

d) After 8 minutes, remove the bottle and shake it thoroughly

e) Open the bottle and transfer the e-liquid to e-cigarette

Tip 3

This method or preparation has kief, Propylene Glycol (PG) and Vegetable Glycerin (VG) as the main ingredients and below are the steps involved in the preparation of e-liquid:

a) We are using 5 grams of kief, 20 ml of PG and 20 ml of VG

b) Place kief in a double boiler and add the above-measured quantity of VG and PG with the help of a syringe

c) Stir the mixture to ensure it is completely mixed

d) Heat the mixture for about 3 hours in a cycle of heating, cooling and heating and then cooling again

e) Filter the mixture and transfer the residual liquid to e-cigarette

Tip 4

This method involves MixerdadsadasdadWhite an ingredient available in the market to turn cannabis into e-liquid. The process involves the steps listed below:

a) Add MixerWhite to concentrate in 2:1 ratio.

b) Heat the mixture at high temperature for 10 seconds

c) Stir the mixture thoroughly and use the resultant liquid as e-liquid
Like it or not, e-liquids, e-cigarettes, cannabis, etc. are all going to stay and governments across the world should introduce deeper research and studies to better understand their benefits instead of putting a blanket ban on them.

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